Social Media Campaigns

Ashley Kress, Social Media
A lady’s gotta have her trusty sidekick whenever we talk about social media

As an undergraduate student, I managed the social media pages and groups for many of my clubs and organizations. I was known throughout my sorority as the “Social Media Girl” because I was known for “Liking” posts and posting pictures daily. At the time, I didn’t realize I was developing my career in digital media.

My first job managing social media was with the Rivers Club in Pittsburgh, PA. For two years, I strategically designed and executed social media plans in coordination with the Club’s overarching marketing plan. My creative social media content was consistently highlighted as “Post of the Week” in ClubCorp’s weekly Social Media Newsletter. During my reign, I increased the Club’s social media presence by 40%.

Four of my favorite Rivers Club campaigns are below with statistics included as they were recorded online – the first was to promote our private events department on Instagram and Facebook using #WeddingTip; the next campaign was an Instagram challenge on the Rivers Club account, which I had just premiered; the next campaign focuses on the two years I promoted the Superhero Breakfast (a major hit both years); and lastly, a spontaneous ALS Ice Bucket challenge completed by the Club’s Executives.

The Ice Bucket Challenge video received 35 Likes, 7 Comments, and 13 Shares.

With Yelp Pittsburgh, I was responsible for creating and curating social media content that reflected the Yelp brand. Typically content dealt with Pittsburgh, food, shopping, local businesses, upcoming events, and reviews of the day (ROTD). During my short stay, I managed the social campaign of Yelp’s Under the Big Top event by promoting the vendors and activities. With 38 vendors, various entertainment, and 900 Yelpers in attendance, this event raised $5,091 for the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.

Yelp Collage

Most recently, I have been working with the Lange Financial Group in promoting their services, workshops, and book publications through all digital media channels. My favorite campaign dealt with the release of Retire Secure: A Guide to Getting the Most Out of What You’ve Got. I held two giveaways on Goodreads; one before the release and one after. I managed to reach over 1,000 people by giving away only 25 books, which resulted in reviews, ratings, and list rankings on the platform. This also led to reviews on Amazon, which landed the book as #1 in Legal Self-Help and #1 in eBook New Releases. During this period, I also was in contact with Amazon reviewers, including the #1 Amazon reviewer, Ali. Ali reviewed the book on November 3rd with a 5 star rating.