Lange Financial Group

Below are links to the website I created and helped create for the Lange Financial Group in Squirrel Hill.

Lange Financial Group Retirement Pittsburgh

Retirement Pittsburgh – I implemented the construction and development of this website, including content transfer from, hosting via HostGator, and management of the content until December 2015.

Retire Secure Book – This landing page was created through Click Funnels to promote the third edition of Jim Lange’s book, Retire Secure. I promoted the page online, managed content, and made updates weekly. – I managed the content on this landing page monthly, updating the information for the most recent retirement seminars the Lange Financial Group hosted in Pittsburgh. This page was promoted online to increase seminar attendees. – This page was already created, but I was responsible for promoting, managing, and updating the content on this website as necessary. – I created this landing page to assist in the promotion of Jim Lange’s seminars for the LGBT community, as well as his newest LGBT book, Live Gay, Retire Rich. – I assisted in the creation of this website to sell Jim Lange’s info-products. – I managed the blog’s content and engagement.