This week, I decided to finally move forward with something I’ve been deliberating over for months now! I have launched my own mini-business…Meet AK Creative & Photography!

As of right now, it is free to work with me. It is not because I am devaluing myself or my skills, don’t worry. I don’t have much time to spare, so I am working with friends as clients to build up my photography and digital editing portfolio, as well as to work out the kinks, which I’m quite excited about. During the week, I have been transitioning all of my media over to my new logo and brand, like my FB page. This portfolio/blog will still be my base, but there will definitely be edits on the horizon. And, I will be working hard over the summer to legitimize everything, so watch out for that 🙂

My tagline is “Get creative.” And I encourage you all to get creative with me! Things are definitely going to be moving and fostering things and I’m quite excited about the future.

I want to focus on social media, web design, and photography. Over time, I hope I can advance my skills with graphic design and public relations, so I can become really well-rounded and develop a monster of a business (whether it is full-time or a side hustle). My classes over the summer and fall will really help me develop these skills.

And, if you are interested in working with me, you can book a free photography session here:

(Obviously, the free sessions are only for a limited time and my availability is subject to change at any time.)

AK CP Logo
It’s my new logo! 🙂

Furthermore, I would love to have partners, or to work with other like-minded individuals…if you are one and want to be friends, message me through one of my many outlets – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or comment below 🙂


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