More Good Things.

Well, I got my Hootsuite Professional certification for my social media class. I’m pretty excited about that! I really learned a lot and I think certifications are such an important part of any career. Visit my consultant page on Hootsuite!Hootsuite Certified Professional

Also, I went to a social media seminar this week at Point Park. It was a great event and I created a Storify about it. Check it out here.

Then, I finally got the website published for my Creativity class. For our final project, we have to design a unique and innovative sock company from scratch. We’ve been working on the project all semester and we’ve made some great headway. I am the marketing manager, so I am in charge of advertising, marketing, and digital media. And I really just wanted to create a website lol. Visit Sheep Feet Socks!

Work has been busy. Classes are getting busy as well! Lots of papers and projects to wrap up before the term is over. I turned 25 last weekend and submitted my proposal for my capstone class this summer! I’m a little sad because my Masters program is starting a social media concentration this fall, but I’ve already taken the classes they’re offering. I most likely will not be able to add this concentration to my degree. Also, I’m still waiting to decide if I want to graduate in December or the spring.

Nikon D3200
The day I got my new Nikon D3200 camera kit

I’ve been trying out my new Nikon D3200 camera with a bunch of mini photo shoots…mostly with my cat. I’m so in love with this camera. And Tim is extremely supportive – he bought me a tripod for my birthday! Hopefully this weekend I can get out and get some real shots in. I’m so nervous to take it outside of my house because I’m afraid I’m going to break it or get mugged…I know, silly. But, be on the lookout for more pictures and design work coming to this portfolio/blog soon!

Lastly, Tim has an in-person interview on Thursday, then his parents are coming to visit us 🙂 🙂 And he just had some papers published, like this one! I’m so excited for him (and I hope he gets this job).

Have a great weekend! Stay up-to-date with me on Twitter and Facebook!


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