How I am Managing.

As I mentioned previously, there were some things I was going to talk about in a post – I literally worked on it for 6 weeks, but I could not bring myself to publish the content. So, you get this instead!

I heart Yelp
I heart Yelp

This semester has been a doozy…with the added benefit of a great, steady relationship and amazing friends and peers…I am currently taking 4 classes (one online, three night classes) and working 3 part-time jobs.

It is a lot.

However, I don’t really see it that way. People look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them about myself and what I do. But, I am so freaking happy to be busy, active, and learning so much…I doubt many full-time jobs could give me what I need right now. I need flexibility. I need to learn and challenge myself. I need life.

I admit, I have been struggling to keep up with myself. I push myself to work hard and do well…I honestly feel like I’m slacking, that I am spread too thin to give everything enough of me. It’s terrifying because I never expected to feel so fulfilled and overwhelmed at the same time.

Tomorrow, I register for my final semesters. It is crazy. Things won’t be working out how I expected them to (more about that below). The whole process is going by so quickly and slowly at the same time. Please forgive me as I battle through these couple of weeks, because I may slack a bit here so I come out on top at school.

On a lighter note, the graduate assistantships for my school were posted. The one that I really wanted was not posted, but there was still one I could apply for, which I did a few weekends ago. I really hope I get this position. It will give me a nice transitional phase over the next few months, plus experience in higher education, which is something I desperately crave. If I get this position, I would be staying through until next spring.

I have a plan of action for classes this summer and fall…for a while, I thought I could graduate in December. But that might not be the case anymore. We will see what happens! Cross your fingers for me.


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