The Kress is Back in Town.

Hello all. The first week of my second semester is finished. I am tired, happy, stretched thin, and ending the week with Tim at Matteo’s for Pittsburgh Restaurant Week. Here’s a breakdown of my week (because I know you’re interested ūüėõ )…

I began the week with Tim on Sunday. The crew was prepping to do our traditional Sunday brunch, but they were moving kinda slow, so I missed brunch for a lunch date with Bethany. We went to Murray Avenue Grill, but they were serving brunch and I got a potato pancake after all! It was great being able to catch-up with her since we’re both so busy with graduate school. I finished my Sunday with a trek downtown for a newspaper meeting, which only lasted 10 minutes. Not happy about that.

Monday wasn’t too bad. I had work and 2 newspaper meetings (pitch and layout). The pitch meeting was weird, but I was given a story to write. I got scolded for leaving the layout meeting early (I was contacted about 3.5 hours after I had left). Yet, when I showed up for the meeting,¬†I wasn’t given anything to do and I had no idea what was going on. It was a weird situation. I had stuff to do at home – laundry, interview prepping, homework, and eating dinner – which was more important to me. Oh well. Lessons learned.

Tuesday:¬†I skipped a PSMA meeting for more sleep and homework. Work, work, work…a trek to Big Dog Coffee for an interview. ¬†It went fairly well and I’m hoping it goes well for me! My first night class of the semester (Web Publishing).

Wednesday – more work at the Club. I decided to “detox” myself by only drinking water and hot water with lemon. I’m trying to figure out why I’ve been so dehydrated lately by eliminating my tea/coffee intake. A friend of mine contacted me about doing some work with her company, which could be really great if it goes well. Another night class with my favorite professor – afterwards, I emailed her about my goals and interests and she wants to talk with me more about it. After class, Tim came over to the apartment and we caught up on the week and ate popcorn.

Thursday Рwork was chalk-full of meetings and activity. Before class, I was able to take all of my syllabi and get my assignments plugged into my planner. In class, the professor was sick, so we only stayed for 30min. This gave way to impromptu Tim Time! We hung out in his office while we each did some work and then got dinner. I went home and did homework.

Friday – another interview (it went really well and is basically my dream job). work. homework. possibly seeing some friends down at PPU. date night with Tim.

Tomorrow, I am going to sleep and read for school. The crew is going to Escape Room Pittsburgh and Hough’s. It should be fun. The entire weekend will have homework and sleep crammed in as much as possible.

Overall, this week has been jam-packed. It also has given me a lot to think about. For instance, I decided to¬†resign from my role¬†with the newspaper because it’s fairly demanding, but also not satisfying me. I’m trying to do my best to stay busy, but to¬†not overwhelm myself. I like to do that on accident. I make sure to remind myself of my goal in graduate school: learn a lot, maintain a good GPA, take as many classes as possible, and maintain a job outside of class.

I feel like I’m still trying to gain experience and find my niche. I am truly ready to just be settled, work hard in school, and make enough money to be comfortable and save/pay off my debt. My big goal lately has been finding a new job. I need more out of my life and my current job¬†has been fairly lackluster. I simply just need more…


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