Goodbye, 2014.

Since I am determined to start 2015 with a clear head and heart, here are some really great things that make me happy that I’m taking with me from this year and into the next…

  1. I have a new apartment and a really nice roommate. Being here is relaxing and stress-free. Nora likes it too. I can’t wait to explore the area soon and get to know Sarah better.
  2. Nora has been so, so great since the move. We have truly bonded. We cuddle a lot. And, she hasn’t bit me once.
  3. I have amazing friends. They put up with a lot of crap from me, but I also do the same from them. They are a great support system and I love them quite dearly – even though I don’t get to see all of them as much as I’d like. They keep me sane and balanced. Even through texts, FB messages, and Christmas cards…they matter, so much.
  4. I amazed myself for my first semester of graduate school. I worked hard, and with a full-time job, but I never expected to finish with a 4.0 GPA. I have never felt more confident in my abilities in this field. Hopefully, 2015 will bring more experience and networking opportunities for me. I also imagine some technical and less personal blog posts will happen – I do have some things in the works!
  5. I have a lot of fun things planned the next few weeks – Tim dates, friend dates, group dates, a doctor’s appointment, a newspaper meeting, the employee holiday party for the Club, a possible internship, and classes start soon!
  6. I am so so so excited for the spring semester – I can’t stop thinking about it and all of my classes and my peers and just learning and developing my skill set. I love my graduate program!
  7. Tim. I can’t get over how much this man amazes me. It may be cheesy, but I really like cheese, and I really like Tim 🙂

This is also a reminder to be thankful for the experiences that shape you and your happiness, not just for the material objects that build your walls.

Life has felt so magical and unreal lately…it’s hard to believe that I’m not dreaming. It is also hard to describe. I am not used to having so much good and happiness in my life. I like it a lot and I hope it stays! I am steadfast in my desire to make the best out of my life and 2015 is definitely going to be a crucial year in my life.

There are also some things that I want to outline as a sort of backbone for 2015. I want to make this a great year. I feel that so many good things are being built and I am so happy. I can’t remember the last time my heart felt so full. So! These are the things that I want to keep in mind, kind of like resolutions? #ilovelists

  • I want to smile more (if that’s possible)
  • I want to sleep more (definitely possible)
  • I want to be smarter (not just with school, but with my body and my finances)
  • I want to turn 25 (that’s in March!!)
  • I will seek help when I need it
  • I will question, as well as answer
  • I will stay focused (school and career, definitely, but also with my relationships)
  • I will be present
  • I will be myself
  • I will love more – love never fails
  • Ultimately, I resolve to do more in 2015

Dear reader, I hope you had a nice 2014 and holiday season. And mostly, I hope 2015 treats you well. You deserve it…we all do.


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