What I’ve Learned This Semester.

My first semester in graduate school is over.

It is has been a whirlwind and I am so excited that I am on this path.

Here’s what I have learned:

  • You’re most likely going to write a lot of papers. Have some friends that are willing to proofread and edit for you. They saved me more than I can tell you…especially for my law class – huzzah law student friends!
  • READ. Read with wine. Read with tea. Read under a tree. Read upside down. Just make sure you read your homework and understand it.
  • Visit this website: http://gradschool.about.com/
  • Make friends. Join a club or two. Find out if the student government hosts events for graduate students. Go to those events. Make study groups.
  • Talk to your professors. Some of them may act like they’re “too busy,” but you will find those kind, genuine professors that care about their students. Befriend them. Help them with research. Look to them for guidance.
  • Make sure your job/internship is flexible. If it isn’t, quit and find a new one. Your passion for school should come before anything else.
  • Try to sleep as much as possible. Going out with your friends for a few drinks may sound like fun now, but when you have to wake up at 6am to go to class or work, you might regret it. (This is also applicable to Netflix binges…watch yourself!)
  • Find an internship, apprenticeship, or assistantship. Experience is important. Find experience in different sectors and companies. Being well-rounded never hurt.
  • Do your own research. This really helps when it comes to writing papers. If you write about something you’re passionate about, it’ll be that much easier to write. Your professors will notice! Trust me 🙂
  • No matter how much I try to be proactive with my research, homework, and paper-writing, I am probably going to wait until the day before to finish an assignment.
  • Celebrate your grades! Don’t let sore losers or Negative Nancys put you down. If you got a good grade on assignment, don’t be #humble, #BRAGABOUTIT.
  • And…if you’re going to be in a relationship in graduate school, make sure your significant other supports you and wants to be with you on the other side of your degree. I learned this the hard way.  (But, I am now seeing someone who is just as determined as I am. He is also in graduate school, so it is a lot easier to say, “Sorry, can’t stay the night, I have to study.”)

Do you have any tips for graduate students? Leave them below or message me 🙂


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