time keeps getting away from me.

I have been playing a great balancing act this week. Though, I am currently taking a break from research and writing an annotated bibliography (my first ever) and all of my other homework assignments to write this post.

Apparently it is also the middle of the semester? I have a midterm on Monday. And that is on top of my normal, busy crazy things I have to do for class each week. It caught me by surprise and I’m glad I am still doing okay. I haven’t cracked and I have (barely) been keeping up with everything I have going on.

Anyways, back to my balancing act. I have my internship, yes. I am glad that for right now, I can work from home (and on the go), because going to Uptown a few times a week would be a nightmare. I am still getting my feet wet with them. Then, I am waiting to hear back from a few different places on other internships/part-time work. I hope one of them works out for me, but if not…

I am possibly transitioning into a new role at my current job. I told them that I can’t keep working 40-45 hours each week because I have no time to devote to schoolwork (and my personal life, to be honest). With all of this research and papers and things, I need more time away from a desk. I have had headaches all week, because I work 8-10 hours on a computer and once I get home, I’m on my laptop doing social media for my internship or writing for class.

In my social life, R is flying to Germany on Monday. We are hoping that I can go visit him over Thanksgiving, since he will only be there for 2 months instead of 4. It’s expensive, but it’ll be really cool to go overseas for the first time.

I’m feeling a little lost and alone…it’s been a weird few weeks. I’m hoping I can pull through it. Sorry this post isn’t all that intuitive or great, but that’s all that I have going on!


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