Social Media – Happiness – Travel.

I am writing this at a weird time.

On Monday, I went to the Local Levo meeting. We had Britt Reints come and speak to us about happiness. She inspired us to create a gratitude journal, etc. I also bought her book, so I am excited to read that when I get a chance.

I also went to two social media seminars this week, through work (both were held at my place of business). The first seminar bugged me because the speaker was very vague and general when discussing social media. When I go to a seminar, I want to learn something that I don’t already know. The seminars generally aren’t specific enough to enact me to change the way I do my campaigns or try to engage my clients online.

Social media is this large entity that keeps evolving. People don’t seem to understand that…However, the second seminar was awesome. The speaker actually focused on how B2C, B2B, and nonprofit companies can use social media to market their company and services/products. I loved it. I was also able to connect with professionals in my field, which is always a fun experience.

Travel-wise, I am off to Albany for the weekend to visit R. I am actually in the airport for my layover now. I am excited to get away from Pittsburgh and work, but grad school gets to come along! I hope I can relax, but also stay productive enough with my homework.

I am also excited because this week has been elections for the Graduate Student Association (GSA) at Point Park. I am running for a position, of course: School of Communication Chair. I’ll find out on Tuesday if I was elected! Cross your fingers for me.

PS: I am still looking for a marketing/social media/communications internship in the Pittsburgh area. Let me know if you can help at all 🙂


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