Ten Days In…And I’m Still Alive.

I am a little worn, but I am kicking butt at grad school.

I love my classes. I am taking one face-to-face and two online (my work schedule wasn’t very flexible). Keeping up with the activity of online discussion is a job in itself. I have some great classmates and professors.

There is a lot of reading, but I spend all of my spare time reading and prepping for assignments. My classes have great discussions and I feel really engaged. I have learned a lot already. I even got some information on classes from older Master’s students. 

I am in a good place. 


One thought on “Ten Days In…And I’m Still Alive.

  1. Grad school is full of massive amounts of reading, and I do agree there is a lot of interesting things to learn from both professors and classmates. Good Luck


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