Big News! Big News! [Part Two]

Last week, I was accepted to graduate school!
Going back to school has been a dream of mine since I graduated from my undergrad. I didn’t have the funds then and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to study, so I took it as a sign. I decided to gain experience in the work force, so I could narrow down my choices when I was finally ready to go. At the time, I was between Film Production and maybe Business.
As time went on, I started to fall more towards Human Resources and Business/Marketing. In the summer of 2013, I put out feelers for some programs around Pittsburgh and gathered information. I ended up not going back then; I had too many personal and financial issues. I needed to get stable and on my feet.
Then comes the end of 2013. I found myself in a relationship. We kept each other motivated as we both applied to schools and worked on financial strategies through the beginning of the new year. I applied to four programs at four different schools. But again, the timing just wasn’t right and Rich ended up moving to Albany to pursue his career. I cancelled my applications and began looking into careers where he was, but again, I wasn’t having any luck.
I was concerned about the desirability to hire me – was it because I was from out of town or did I lack the necessary experience? This rationalization led me to job applications and interviews in my home city. I had some great leads, but, no luck. I was defeated and jealous of my more prosperous peers (who all seemed to be blooming while I was wilting). I took some time to reflect, decided that my future is in my hands, and applied to graduate school. It took less than a week to turn in all of the paperwork and less than a week for my acceptance.
It still hasn’t sunk in yet…I’ve registered for classes, my schoolbooks are on my bookshelves, I have all of my semesters planned out, I have my student ID, and I’ve been reading an educational book about graduate school. I’m going to the Graduate Open House on Saturday. I’m excited and nervous and so very scared.
It’s just hard to believe that the next two years of my life are already mapped out. And, it’ll also be two years until Rich and I are in the same city again…


PS: I also made up a hashtag for my adventures (via Twitter) – #talesofanMAnoob



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