Moving Forward – Part One?

This post ties in with my recent post, titled Marketing.

I have finally enrolled in SkillCrush classes! I have been waiting and waiiiiting for enrollment to open – and it did last week! I had some technical issues over the weekend, but the staff was so friendly in helping me get everything resolved. The classes start on Monday and I can’t wait to get started. I don’t even remember when I found this website or how I got so hooked. I took their Bootcamp a few weeks or months ago and loved it all. Even that small class was beneficial to me.

Learning about more tech stuff, I believe, is really going to help me in this field. Not to mention, these classes are all things I’m interested in: coding, HTML, design, JavaScript, etc. I am going to make myself really developed and awesome. Everyone is going to want to hire me….I hope!

I hope that someone, somewhere will start taking me seriously. It hasn’t happened yet, which is where all of my frustrations stem from at work and in my personal life. No one understands that I’m really good at this and I’m just going to keep getting better. 

I have my HubSpot certification in my pocket.

Next is SkillCrush. (I’ve also looked at some online certifications through universities, but I’m not ready for that much of a financial investment, just yet 😉 )

Happy Thursday, everyone!


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