Influenster – #GoVoxBox

So, I do Influenster. Part Two!

To begin, I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster. These are my honest reviews. 

Getting a VoxBox is like Christmas – so I was very excited to receive another box, so soon! I recently had the Uni VoxBox, which I loved. See my review of the Uni VoxBox here. The Go VoxBox was a large multitude of items, not just one product (like previous voxboxes I’ve received). Inside the #GoVoxBox were products by Blue Diamond, The Vitamin Shoppe, Playtex, ProFoot, and Aqua Spa. There was also a coupon for Mullen Yogurt products. The Go VoxBox was marketed towards Influensters who live an active and healthy lifestyle.



I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of my #GoVoxBox – it finally arrived!
 I immediately opened the box upon entering my apartment – my cat, Nora, was excited to check out the products too! She is included in this shot 🙂 I couldn’t wait to try out the products, so here we go!
 The first product I wanted to try were the protein shake samples from The Vitamin Shoppe. These shakes are part of the Next Step line, called Fit n Full. I received 3 flavors (Chocolate, Fresh Berries, and French Vanilla) of the meal replacement shake. I’m not a fan of chocolate, so I decided to try that one first. I researched some fun shake recipes and decided to add some peanut butter to my shake powder (pictures below). Check out the video here of my Fresh Berries shake prep – I haven’t tried the Vanilla yet.

I had really been wanting to try a protein shake, but I didn’t know where to begin. Now, after testing out new recipes and different flavors, I know what to buy and how to make yummy shakes now. I didn’t use the shake as a meal replacement, however, it was always supplemental or a snack. I love the Jaxx bottle that came with the shakes. I also need to invest in some Blue Diamond Almond milk to make them healthier, since I was just using normal 2% milk. A friend mixed the shake with water  and it was a disaster! So chalky. Definitely recommend juice or cow, almond, or soy milk as the base for this product, not water.



Next, I tried the Blue Diamond Fruit-Flavored Almonds – my pack was blueberry. There are also raspberry and strawberry available. I love eating healthy and I am a big nut lover! The almonds were unique, fun, and healthy. I never had anything like them before. The flavor didn’t overpower the subtle flavor of the nut itself, which was nice. It was a nice complement. Blue Diamond is a brand I trust, so I was eager to try the fruit flavored nuts. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who likes trying things that are a little different. I titled this photo: “Because when your snacks are this good, who cares if you play with your food.”


Luckily, I was able to utilize the Playtex Sport Fresh Balance tampons. I received this product in a previous box, but I was so glad to have it again!! Normally, I do not buy scented tampons, but on occasion I do (they make your purse smell nice). I really liked the scent, slightly floral, but mostly fresh. The plastic applicator was comfortable with an amazing grip at the base – very crucial. The tampon itself fit well and did not leak upon use.  It has an interesting design that really works!


Okay – so this next one is going to be a big one. One day I decided to pamper myself…with a pedicure. Shocking, I know.

First, I removed my previous toe polish and washed my feet. Then, I pulled out the ProFoot Pedi-Rock to take care of some issues on my feet – calluses and rough heels. I was really excited to use this product. It was soft and fit perfectly in my hand. Using it was simple and it really worked! Cleaning it was simple too, just rinse with water and let dry. I’m glad I can use this product to pamper myself and my hard-working feet! (But, the PediRock should come with a warning to not use around ankles and tops of feet, just on rough calluses and such. I saw a lot of girls use this product inappropriately and post pictures of their bloody feet on Instagram.) The PediRock made a huge difference in my feet once I was able to remove all of the dry, rough skin. My feet were actually cute!

After drying my feet and cleaning the PediRock, I rubbed my feet and calves with the Aqua Spa Body Creme, which I use on the regular now. I truly enjoyed the creme and I was glad it was a full-sized product tube, not a sample size so I can continue my use. I am not a big lavender fan, but I love lathering up in the Aqua Spa creme after a shower. It makes me feel more feminine and relaxed. The product is thick and truly nourishes the skin. My skins looks and feels so much better! (Also, interacting with AquaSpa online was really fun. They post great content.) After this nice little massage, I used my new Julep polishes to paint my toes. I did not receive the polish from Influenster, I am a member of Julep’s Maven. I was not asked to endorse this product at all – I just love being a Maven!


Lastly, I did not use the Muller yogurt coupon. I just didn’t get around to it – mostly because I kept forgetting the coupon when I went grocery shopping. I also received ProFoot’s Triad Orthotics to test. I only used them once, in an old pair of shoes. The Triad is very soft and comfortable. It definitely made a difference in my step and overall comfort during a long work day.

Overall, I am glad I received this VoxBox. I love trying out products that I normally would be afraid to try. The risk of buying a product I might hate always outweighs the reward of buying something I would love. This box made me a future loyal customer for some of these products.

If anyone is interested in signing up for Influenster, feel free to message me or comment 🙂


Because of my hardwork and awesomeness with the Uni VoxBox, I received a present from Rimmel London! This product is called ScandalEyes – a micro precision liquid eyeliner. No one realizes how excited I was to be able to try out a liquid liner! I have always wanted to, but never really knew what product to buy and how to use it. After using this liner, I am a fan. The tip is very fine, so sometimes I feel like I’m stabbing my eye, but it is so precise. I make perfect lines (and not just because I’m a good painter) and it is a great complement to my pencil liner. Recommend!!

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