These past few weeks have been tumultuous.

I almost moved to New York for a financial sales career, but after lengthy conversations with my dad, friends, and significant other, I decided to be smart and stay in Pittsburgh. There was no need to rush into anything (plus, putting all of that strain on my finances and relationship? No thanks).

Thus, I began connecting with leaders and movers in my industry. I began looking for new jobs or an internship, so that I could start to gain more experience in my field, outside of my current position. I found a great job opportunity in the beginning of April, messed it up because of my running-away-to-NY plans, and actually have a second chance with that company now – which I’m very excited about. I have had a few leads in other companies in Pittsburgh, but no matter what happens, I am eager and ready to be immersed head-to-toe in my industry. I can’t wait to get there. My LinkedIn profile has never looked better!

Most of all, I spent the past few days finally getting Inbound Marketing certified through HubSpot. I’ve known about this program for a while – at the Club, we work with a small PR firm that teaches and preaches all of HubSpot’s certifications. After getting out of my NY ‘funk,’ I realized it was way beyond time for me to stop looking down on people who were successful and doing what I wanted to do career-wise. I had to take my future into my own hands.

And this is the journey…

HubSpot 2014 Inbound Marketing Certification
HubSpot 2014 Inbound Marketing Certification 🙂

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